Dementia Diary

To help you care

A simple Clock and Calendar for sufferers and carers of Dementia

"Thank you, this app helped me and my mother so much. She stopped having to ask me the same questions over and over all day. It enabled her to relax and enjoy the moment with out having to spend all her energy trying to keep appointments in her head. It enabled her to trust that I was on top of things. She could see that I was covering the things she was struggling with. It made her feel secure in a world that had some order again. She became lighter and our conversations became richer. Amazing App that transformed our lives." 

Blair Hunter (Dementia Diary user)

About Dementia/Digital Diary

Simple Calendar Display

Dynamically linked to your calendar(s), Dementia Diary displays up to three calendar events with day, date and time of day information in a simple to read and highly configurable format.

(Long press the middle of screen)

Stimulating Colour Settings

A variety of different colour settings/configurations are available to stimulate the senses.

Visual alerts for important events with acknowledgement.

(Long press top right of screen)

- image from Android version

Several Photo Options

Support for a variety of Photo views to help remember the important things in life.

  1. full screen display
  2. quarter screen display (top right)
  3. slideshow option with configurable delay

Options to select files locally or from Google Drive.

- image from Android version


A wide range of configurations

Evolved over time from feedback received from users of the app, Dementia Diary provides a wide range of configuration options including:

Text overrides, Time of day hour settings, 12/24 hour, Upper Case modes, reduced night time operation, and many more.

Please note, some options are only available on either Android or iOS. See the pamphlet below for specific details.

(Long press top left of screen)

- image from iOS version

Available Options

Time of Day Information

Five fully configurable (start hour, text) time periods (pre-Morning, Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night)

Day of the Week

Ability to override the text for all days of the week.

Display Options

A variety of screen display options including; 12/24 hour mode, digital/analog clock, forced uppercase text, selective event time and year options, reduced brightness at night, single day only, etc.

Photo Settings

Ability to load and display (full or part screen) photo files from either local files or files stored on Google Drive (android only). An option to create a slideshow using the files in a folder is available.


Calendar events with associated alarms are highlighted (red banner) and can be acknowledged so the user can see when the acknowledge occurred.

Text options available to associate pictures and sounds to events.


An option to launch Skype on touch is provided to ease communication with family.

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