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Welcome to Fashmel Applications

Welcome to Fashmel ApplicationsWelcome to Fashmel Applications


Dementia Diary started life with no configurable options at all, today there are are large number of options mostly based on the feedback of it's users (Thank You).

This section captures the possible configurations and tries to answer some of the most asked questions about the app and some simple howto's. 

Home Application

The app is now configurable as a 'Home' application on your android device. (Always on)

In 'Application settings', just Select Home Application, and choose Dementia Diary, or not.

Warning! When installed on some devices DD may be set as the Home app by default.

Just use the option above to unset if not required.

Menu and Display Settings


Screen options and Menu Selection

The following features are accessed directly from the main screen as follows: 

  • Long press (2 seconds) the top left corner of the screen (the yellow area in the image on the left).
  • Long press the top right (28 February 2016) will cycle the screen colours (or clock faces in analog mode - see below). 
  • Long press the second line (Sunday in the image) will display this web page.
  • Long press the third line (Night in the image) allows you to change the amount of information displayed in the top half of the screen.

If sound is enabled, touching any of the text will cause it to be read out. (Make sure the volume is turned up)

Warning: You may have screen lock enabled, in which case just tap the top left corner (yellow) five times and try again. (There will be a notification in the bottom centre of the screen that screen lock was turned off/on.)


Display Settings Menu

The screen can be configured to display :

: a digital screen - see above

: an analog screen with a clock 

: a digital screen with photos (see below). 

Other screen settings can also be configured from here including 12/24 hour mode, Uppercase texts, fixed text scrolling, text configurations etc.


Photo/Drive Settings menu

When photos is selected from the Display Settings Menu you can display either local or Google Drive photos, full screen or part screen (top right).

A slideshow of pictures from the selected source folder can also be configured.

To use the Google Drive the drive must be selected and an appropriate account selected when returning to the main screen.

The 'select file' option can be used to change the file being displayed either locally or from the drive. (selection will take place when you return to the main screen).

Details of the selected images can be viewed at the bottom of the menu. 

New Menu Options



A new set of menu pages is now available to configure the many options of Dementia/Digital Diary. They are broken down as described below

Menu Pages

The following pages are identified. The effects defined by the settings will only take place after the main screen is returned to.

Calendar Settings: Allows the user to configure the calendar used to share the events with.

Application Settings: Allows the user to configure the event settings and voice settings.

Display Settings: Allows the user to configure specific display settings (Digital, Analog, Photo).

Time of Day Settings: Allows the user to configure the tod settings including time, text, brightness etc.

Day of Week Settings : Allows the use to configure the text displayed for each day of the week.

Photo/Drive Settings : Allows the user to connect to Google Drive and configure how the photos are displayed.

Skype Settings : Allows the user to enable and configure skype access.

Advanced Settings : A range of options to set up more advanced features - See below.

Application and Event Settings


Application Settings menu

The events displayed to the user are configured here. The number of days in the future to show events can be selected (max 7) along with the number of events displayed on the screen (max 3).

The event warning period can be fixed or based on the event warning period.

Each event can be configured as an alert which will turn red and require accepting.

Each event and calendar entries can be spoken (when touched,or becoming active) using the voice identified based on locale. (See advanced settings)


Time of Day Settings

The times of each of the 5 periods of day (early morning, morning, afternoon, evening and night) are configured here.

Each period can also be configured to specified texts, brightness's and the amount of data displayed on the screen during the period.  


Time of Day Settings

 Each period can also be configured to specified texts, brightness's and the amount of data displayed on the screen during the period.   

The text displayed for each day of the week can also be modified in the Day of Week settings.

Advanced Settings


Advanced Settings Menu

Various more complex options are provided here.

The 'locale' of the device can be changed here (this impacts the voice as well). 

The various font sizes on each zone of the screen can be configured. 

(top left:top right:line 2:line 3:all day:event 1:event 2:event 3)

The font types for each of these zones can be configured.

The colours of the screen for each time of day can be configured here.



Enabling Skype will place an icon in the bottom right of the main screen. When touched it will execute skype and attempt to call the identified skype contact.

Skype needs to be installed and configured on the device.


Event Options

The following codes can be used in the calendar events to configure the app remotely.

-s description will only display the description at the time of the event.

description -ifilename will display the picture identified by the filename when the event becomes active. If the filename starts with a / the file is assumed to be local, if the filename is a drive 'fileid' then this is used instead.

To obtain the drive fileid, get shareable link and use the text after the id=

e.g.: https://drive.google.com/openid=xxGg26n2pht9GhnHFyFFXDTAFcAD45hXoFw

-restartrequested will restart the app at the event time

-restart will restart the event immediately