LITE version available now

An Application to help Exam Invigilators run UK examinations.

Full and Professional versions are available through In app purchases, along with dynamic access to JCQ examination rules.

About Invigilator (Lite)

Configure your Session

Some essential information to set your examination session up, and log what took place.

  1. Establishment Details; Name and Number
  2. Examination Details (up to 8 in purchased versions); Name, Start time and duration
  3. Screen configuration; 12/24 hour, White or Black board, Clock type

 Session logs can be printed using any accessible airprint enabled device.

Take control of the Session

Manage the Examinations with a simple to use display showing

  1. A list of critical 'events', actionable by the invigilator, with brief help text.
  2. Current time with upcoming event warnings
  3. Details of each examination including state, start time, end time and time remaining.
  4. Facilities to pause the examination due to unforeseen circumstances.

Whiteboard projection

In slave mode (professional version only) a second device can be used to provide a simple projectionable display of the 

  1. Exam information + Start and End times
  2. Current time, digital or/and analog clock

About Invigilator (Full)

Manage the Session

Use configuration files you install on the device to identify exams and dates. Select your location on the day to initialise a session with up to 8 different exam times. Session logs are saved and can be downloaded from your device.

Manage the Candidates

Manage the Candidate entry, breaks, extra time needs and seating for each session.


Use four files installed directly onto each device to configure the examination diary once for the whole exam period.

About Invigilator (Professional)

One Configuration for all

All of the facilities of the full version but configurable from the iCloud.

Use iCloud to share one set of configuration files across many devices to support sessions in many locations simultaneously.

Exam Board Rules and Instructions

JCQ Rules

Dynamic access to the JCQ rules documentation is provided as guidance to the invigilator for any selected topic or for the next session event.